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Daisy started manufacturing toy cork guns and water pistols in 1913. The CaliAir collection is not focused on these items but we couldn’t help but to include a choice few.

img_5491-e1540699825162.jpgWho can turn down a Buck Rogers ray gun or a Buzz Barton water pistol.

This section also includes the many bits of Daisy related stuff such as advertising articles, tools, bb’s, posters, cork guns and targets.

There is not a lot of information on Daisy toy products. There are many. They ramped up production of their toy line during the 30’s and 40’s due to the popularity of films and character celebrity endorsements from the likes of Superman and Buck Rogers.

Daisy also manufactured the prize, a shooting top, for the cereal company General Mills.

Daisy’s plants remained open during WW2 however their focus was more on toy products due to the need for metals during the war effort. Many of the toy guns were made of wood during this era.


“Stand & Deliver” Picking A Daisy Sticker 2018/19 #E000111618 [sold out]


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Daisy no.80 Buzz Barton water pistol 1933 #FF806418 $120.00 $175.00

Daisy XZ-31 Buck Rogers Rocket Pistol 1933 #IF31101018 [sold]


Everyone needs a ray gun and this Buck Rogers XZ-31 is a fine specimen. This pistol shoots invisible rocket rays!

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Daisy no.85 Commando cork rifle 1943 #GE85102318 [sold]

In theory this could be considered the 2nd variant of the Red Ryder… sort of.

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Daisy U-235 Buck Rogers Atomic Pistol 1946 #JJ23561018 [sold]

Daisy no.320 Targette 1949 #FA3206218 [sold]

Daisy no.320 Targette 1949 #DF32062418 [sold]

Daisy BB Gun Cleaning Kit 1950’s #EF0011618 $200.00


This accessory was for the no.25 carbine and was offered during the 1950’s.  A wire tabletop rifle rack was also offered and housed the kit as well.

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Daisy Screwdriver Tool #CC00062218 $60.00 $110.00

This tool/trinket came with certain No. 25 Carbines and is used to unscrew the take down pin.

Daisy Double Barrel Dart Gun 1959 #DF000111218 $110.00 $265.00

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Daisy Medallion no.25 100th Anniversary 2014 #AF00082518 $20.00