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The Morton Harris Pistol

I have a lot of these in my collection. Most of them don’t work or don’t work well. This is that rare case when I acquire non functioning guns for historical purposes.

The Morton is one of the few gun manufacturers that did not get acquired by Daisy. The concept was great. A 1911 style bb pistol that fits your holster and shots multiple forms of .177 diameter ammo.

The one pictured here is a functioning model. Sure you could spit further than this thing shoots but spit don’t fit in a standard .45 holster.

Power? Nope. Accuracy? Heck no. An awesome concept? Without a doubt!

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Vintage Daisy 188 Pistol

The 188 is easily the most over looked of the 60’s to 80’s era bb air pistols. Sure it’s big and looks more like a weapon from Star Wars. But the Daisy 188 Pistol 24 shot repeater is one of the best if not THE best shooting gun made. It hits out at 50 yards, is extremely quiet, and it’s made entirely of metal.

The 188 models in our collection are all made in Rogers Arkansas. Accuracy is hit or miss (pun intended). As with all guns and markedly with this model accuracy will vary.

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Daisy 188 pistol
Daisy 188 box
Daisy 188 box side
Daisy 188 pistol box bottom
Daisy 188 pistol box other side

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The Marksman Pistol

The Marksman pistols came out in the early 50’s and are unique in that they were not absorbed by Daisy like many other bb gun manufacturers in the US. There are several variants of the gun including the Morton Harris LA25, LA, Beverly Hills, Huntington Beach and Torrance models. The pistol is still being produced over seas but thus far has not tested very well for quality.

Fans of the Marksman know that the best feature of the gun is that it fits in your 1911 holsters. With a 1 1/2” barrel you are not going to get accuracy from any shots beyond 10-15 feet. It’s still a great all metal gun with some familiar features and fun to shoot indoors.

Another great plus is the Marksman’s ability to shoot bb’s, pellets, or darts!

We have a complete collection of these models and have found the LA 25, LA and Huntington Beach models to function best. Your mileage may vary.

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Below are pictures of the Marksman before I acquired it. I include the images for historical and posterity sake.

Marksman pistol


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