Pump Action Carbine

IMG_3318This category includes the Plymouth Michigan made No. 25, No.107, Buck Jones and Markham King No. 5 models from 1914 to 1986. Some current  Rogers Arkansas models are listed as well.

Before considering an offer on an item please contact us to confirm the gun is still in our possession.  There may be a lag time between acquiring, relinquishing, and updating the listing.



Current Inventory

Daisy no.25 1919 #CFF2521518 $600.00


The Fred Lefevere designed Pump action Carbine and the beginning of a long legacy.

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Daisy  no.107 Buck Jones 1930’s #CIA10721618 $460.00 $1,200.00

Daisy no.107 Buck Jones 1930’s #BAH1074218 $460.00 $1,200.00

Daisy no.107 Buck Jones 1930’s #CDA10732918 $460.00 $1,200.00

King no.5 1930’s #BIF53318 $1,500.00


My favorite pump action carbine. The original from which the Daisy no. 105 and no. 107 were designed.

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Daisy no.25 1936 approx.  #BBA252718 $225.00 $650.00

Daisy no.25 1936 approx. Nickel Plated Receiver only #DD253718 $125 $800.00

Daisy no.25 1940’s #FA2531318  $125 $600.00

Daisy no.25 1950’s #EJ253818 [sold]

Daisy no.25 1960’s #DF2522518 [sold]

Daisy no. 25 2014 100th Anniversary 288 of 500 LE #CJJ252918 [sold]

Daisy no.25 2018 Current Model #EA251118 [sold]


The Daisy that got me into collecting Daisies. This gun started me on a mission to find out if the vintage models were better than the “cheap” Chinese reissues. The gun remains prominently in my collection. I loved the gun so much I bought a few more. All guns from the same lot.

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