The CaliAir collection has acquired a wide range of pistols in the Daisy air gun and toy gun category. This includes BB pistols like the model 118 Targeteer, Buck Rogers clicker ray guns and Buzz Barton water pistols from the 1930’s.


Before considering an offer on an item please contact us to confirm the gun is still in our possession.  There may be a lag time between acquiring, relinquishing, and updating the listing.



Daisy Targeteer .118 1937 #CH11842018 [sold]

A novel desktop shooter. Shoots at very low velocity for indoor fun target practice. Uses .118 bb’s.

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Daisy Targeteer .118 1937 #GJ11810218 [sold]

A novel desktop arcade style shooter. Nothing but a fun gun.

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Boone 1940’s #HJBOO41818 $120.00 $395.00

Daisy .118 Chrome 1949 #JF11851218 [sold]

Morton Harris .177 Beverly Hills 1950’s #AF1775918 [sold]

Morton Harris .177 1950’s Los Angeles #AF1775918/B [sold]

Morton Harris .177 1950’s Los Angeles #BC17792318 [sold]

A clean rare working version. Darts, pellets or bb’s for close range indoor fun. Good 1911 trainer as well. Read more here.

Marksman .177 1950’s Los Angeles #BA1775618 [sold]

Marksman .177 1950’s Los Angeles 25 #BH17752218 [sold]

Marksman .117 1950/60’s Huntington Beach #CI17791718 [sold]

A beautiful clean and relatively good close range or indoor shooter. Fits 1911 holsters!

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Marksman .177 1960/70’s Torrance #CC1776618 [sold]

Marksman 1010 1972 Torrance #DA101042418 [sold]

Daisy 188 1978 #BH1885918 [sold]

Daisy 188 1978 #CH18891318 [sold]

Beautiful clean pistol. Shoots extremely quiet. Hits out at 45-50 yards. Read more here.

Daisy 188 1978 #DC18841218 [sold]