Lever Action Carbine

This category contains Daisy and King lever action gun models. The Red Ryder, Lightning Loader, Buzz Barton, No. 102, Buck, and many others are listed here.


Before considering an offer on an item please contact us to confirm the gun is still in our possession. There may be a lag time between acquiring, relinquishing, and updating the listing.


Daisy Military Model 40 WWI variant 2 (1919-1932) #BAA4011119 $1,500.00 $3,000.00

Daisy No. 30 Model 24 (1924-1926) #FA3011119 $200.00 $2,500.00

Daisy No.11 Model 24 350 Shot (1924-1928) #ED1161718 $130.00


The No. 11 is reminiscent of the the Model H.

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Daisy model 27 500 Shot 1927 (1927-1932) #HF2741718 $150.00 $345.00


The Model 27 became the famous Buzz Barton.

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Daisy no.103 Buzz Barton Special 1933 #FAA10341218 $1,500.00


A beautiful example of the early Super Buzz Barton Special

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Daisy no.103 Buzz Barton Special 1933 #EF10331218 [sold]


The rare and unique Super Buzz Barton Special Model 33.

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King 22-33 Repeater (1933-1935) #EA2233111518 $100.00 $350.00


Hailed by some as the creator of the modern day assembly line bb gun. The King.

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Daisy no. 101 model 33 1933-1935 #EA101121618 $100.00 $175.00

Daisy no. 102 model 33 1933 #EF102121518 $110.00 $240.00

Daisy no.195 Buzz Barton Special 1936 #FD19531918 $200.00 $500.00


This Buzz no. 195 has a lot of character.

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Daisy no.101 model 36 1936-1942 Single Shot #CF10142718 $100.00 $230.00

Daisy no.102 500 Shot 1936-1940 #ED10251118 $100.00 $205.00

King no.5536 1000 Shot 1936 #DH553661818 $100.00 $240.00

Daisy no.108 model 39 1939 #BEE1084818 $300.00 $1,250.00


The precursor to the Model 40 Red Ryder – the Lightning Loader Model 39 no. 108 is an original of sorts.

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Daisy no.111 model 40 1940 1st variant #BEE11161618 $300.00 $1,200.00

Daisy no.111 model 40 Red Ryder late 1940’s 5th variant #GA1113118 $125.00 $525.00


My very first vintage Red Ryder from 1947. They started using aluminum after WWII.

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Daisy no.111 model 40 Red Ryder 1952 6th variant #GF11151818 [sold]


The iconic world renown 1950’s Red Ryder. Transitional in style and a hard hitter.

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Daisy no.111 model 40 Red Ryder 1952 6th variant #EI101718 [sold]


The famous Red Ryder 6th Variant in all its transitional glory. Great shooter and indicative of the era at the height of its popularity. Plastic foregrip, wood stock aluminum lever.

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Daisy no.155 1947 #EA15532018 $100.00 $250.00


The post war follow up to the no. 102 and very similar to the King Number 5536. It was reworked and released in 1936 as the no. 195 Buzz Barton before settling into the “155” as we know it today.

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Daisy no.155 1947 #DA1556118 $80.00 $250.00


Daisy/J.C. Higgins Westerner model 799-2990 1950’s #FA79952618 [sold]


One of my favorite little youth carbines from Sears, Roebucks and Co.

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Daisy model 80 Long Rifle 1955 #CI80102118 [sold]

Daisy no. 80 Long Rifle

The last major production model to come out of Plymouth. The Daisy guns from the 50’s are perhaps the most mechanically sound and tend to be great shooters.

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Daisy/Heddon no.102 Cub 1960’s #EE10232718 $100.00 $200.00

Daisy no.880 Powerline pneumatic 1972 #FB88092818 $200.00

Daisy Powerline 880

Powerful, quiet and takes bb’s or pellets. Although this is not actually a “lever” action rifle it is significant in that it marks the departure into multi-shot, multi ammo, variable power air rifles. The “lever action multi-pump”!

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Daisy Red Ryder no. 1938 (1972-1978) #FA193811119 $150.00 $300.00

Daisy model 1938B 1980’s #CA193843018 $100.00 $225.00


The Model 1938B Red Ryder is a 1988 reproduction of a 1972 model. This one is a good shooter and represents their 50th Anniversary Edition.

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Daisy no.105B Buck 2018 #DC10531718 [sold]

Daisy model 10 2018 #EF1032518 [sold]


A new gun with a throwback to some great design features. A solid rear sight post, woodlike stock and foregrip, and the enigmatic saddle ring. A superb shooter that looks and feels great. I call this my Tactical Mini Red Ryder!

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Daisy Red Ryder 1983-2018 Model 1938B “A Christmas Dream” 35th Anniversary LE 0639 of 2500 #HA193931218 $350.00  $1,200.00


The iconic Christmas Story Red Ryder with all the bells and whistles. A great shooter with features not seen on other repros. It would be hard to beat this on the list of most fancy of the Daisy offerings.

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