Break Action Barrel

This 4th variant First Model 1889 is currently listed at auction for $4,400

The very first model 1889 was a unique all metal wire gun. Cocking the wire rifle is achieved by popping the top lever. Although these early First Model’s are not actual break barrels you can see how they influenced the break barrels that came after. The 1901 Twentieth Century Single Shot, 1912 Model C, Model 20 Little Daisy and no.181 also operate in the same manner. Included in this selection also is the early Markham King no. 17 and others. The issue with some guns made before 1930’s is that they took slightly larger bb’s than those made after – so I’m told. I’ve also been told that these early guns took a “no.6 shot” but I’ve not been able to locate any. This makes the bb’s too rare to shoot with any regularity and thus these rifles do not get used as much as the post 1930 rifles. Since I enjoy shooting the guns I collect I tend not to acquire many pre 1930 rifles for this very reason. Daisy also did not produce many models of break barrel guns.



Daisy Model C 350 Shot 1910-1914 #BFF00121518 $350.00 $700.00


The seller claimed this was a 1912 rifle. Over 100 years old and shoots lead bb’s quite well. Nickel plating is intact with little rust pitting overall.

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Markham King no.17 #DIF1721518 $675.00


The No. 17 (1917-32) is a wonderfully versatile gun that hearkens back to King’s first gun design the Chicago from 1887!

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