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Model 27 & the No. 11 Model 29

The No. 11 Model 29


The Daisy Number 11 Model 29 shown above has been painted over in black. The original finish was nickel and held 350  .175 cal. bb’s.


The design of the gun is very much like the earlier Daisy Model H from 1914. This no.11 was produced between 1929-1932 and it replaced the no.11 Model 24 manufactured between 1924-1928. Both models had nickel plated finishes.


The Model 27


The Model 27 was released as a 500 shot and a 1000 shot from 1927-1932. The 1000 shot model came in nickel while the 500 shot came with a blued barrel. The gun pictured is a 500 shot version in good condition.



The Model 27 (1000 Shot) would get re-purposed in 1933 and become the Super Buzz Barton Special. It may have been that the original Buzz being in actuality a common Markham no. 55 needed more sizzle, more zing – so they switched from the no.55 (aka no.195) to the Model 27 (aka no.103) . But by 1936 they resumed the Buzz as a no.195 (aka no.55) up until 1941. It was time to go back to war… WWII.

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