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No. 10 Carbine aka Mini Red Ryder


The newest rifle to the Daisy product line is the Chinese made No.10. It is a miniature version of the Red Ryder in every external detail except there is no Fred Harman etching on the wood stock.


The gun sports the usual modern “upgrades” such as a plastic composite lever, plastic trigger and front sight. The stock and foregrip are also a press wood composite. The receiver and saddle ring is metal. This gun is an excellent shooter. Hits a shovel head out at 50 yards with ease.


The saddle ring makes a great attachment point for a single point sling. That’s a CaliAir original idea! If you get a chance to pick one of these up you will be pleasantly surprised at what a great little gun it is. I hope I don’t wear this little gun out. It could be my #1 Daisy… from this era for sure!


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